bible verse:He will not allow temptation more than you can stand

Human nature makes a man fall into temptation. No matter what road we take, we cannot avoid sin. Nevertheless, even if we stumble what matters is we find our way back to God. It is not the falling that is important but the rising each time we fall. We maybe in a situation wherein we feel that we are trapped and there is no way out then that is not true..God allows trials but He makes sure we can bear it, for as long as we will not lose our focus in Him. Let us hold on to this truth in the bible verse 1corinthians 10:13, which proves of God’s love for us. We are not alone in every journey, have the faith that can move mountains.

Bible verse: For God so love…

A bible is a book that has answers to everything pertaining to life…It contains stories of significant people in the history of man. Jesus also uses parables to awaken the minds of individual thus a bible is really a useful tool in our journey through life and its uncertainties.

Bible verses are guides as we walk on our day to day life to be in the right path. God gave us the gift of free will out of His love for mankind that is why our choices in life will determine the beauty of the world and define our so called destiny.

Bible verses about friendship for instance tells us how to be genuine in handling our friend, comforting bible verses are tools that will touch the heart of a friend or individual who is experiencing hurt or great loss. Life as we all know is full of adversities that is why we need motivational bible verses to keep us going even when life don’t go as plan.